VeenaPro is a fully featured cloud based ERP solution designed for small and mid-size manufacturing industry. It covers all the modules that is required for the daily activities of a manufacturing enterprise.

Modules of VeenaPro Procurement Software :

1. Master Module
2. User Approval system
3. Budget System
4. RQN Management
5. Screening & approval of RQN
6. Send RFQ to Vendors
7. Vendor Recommendation
8. Create and Send LPO
9. Client History
10.MIS Reports

Features of Best Apparel Management Software in India. Textile ERP software - VeenaPro

The fashion industry is thriving and it is not possible to meet the current market needs without the best apparel management software in India. VeenaPro textile ERP software is always a standout decision that will come with the most exceptionally focused and worldwide ventures where the learning and the capacity to properly foresee and take care of the rising purchaser demand. A fashion ERP system will let the apparel industries to assist the customer's wishlist, demand patterns, and deliver products according to the demand. The software for cotton industry is the most versatile textile ERP software that will spike the business.

The requirement of ERP for textile industry Technology is the core requirement for the current business and the apparel industry is not an exception. ERP for Apparel Industry in India is mainly used for designing, production and supply chain management. The advantages are unlimited in this sector and it always conveys the time and cost efficiencies, functionality, and visibility of the progression of the process. At present, this software is being used on a larger scale to properly get data of the orders online and quickly draft the query responses, properly control, and monitor the operations. This software solution also effectively control the operations, plan, and schedule by which, business always get precise data.

Benefits to get from ERP for Garment Apparel and Clothing industry

Why should you choose VeenaPro manufacturing ERP Software ?

VeenaPro is the best developer of the ERP for Garment Apparel and Clothing industry. It will leverage your entire process with outstanding benefits. VeenaPro delivers fully integrated, compliant, and quickly deploy ERP for Garment Apparel and Clothing industry. With this software, you can easily manage your financial transactions properly without any kind of further complication. VeenaPro ERP for Garment Apparel and Clothing industry is popular because of its modular structure that enables quick implementation and lets the manufacturers grab accurate data within the shortest period of time.

VeenaPro manufacturing ERP features