VeenaPro is a fully featured cloud based ERP solution designed for small and mid-size manufacturing industry. It covers all the modules that is required for the daily activities of a manufacturing enterprise.

Modules of VeenaPro HR Software :

1. Master Module
2. Employee Self Portal
3. Screening & Approval of Leave and Travel
4. Employee performance management
5. Own organization structure maintain
6. Publish internal notice
7. Payroll management
8. Requirement management
9. Assessment management
10. Training management
11. MIS Reports

Opt ERP solutions for Manufacturing in India to streamline your manufacturing unit


Manufacturing sector is booming in the world. There are mainly three major components for manufacturing industry. These are Manufacturer, demand and supply. If these three will be streamlines properly, the manufacturing industry will be strengthening. After manufacturing a product, that requires to be delivered at the right place. In order to properly carryout this job, all the data between these lines should be interlinked and this is the main motto of ERP solutions for manufacturing in India.


We at Veenapro develop and customize ERP software those will meet the requirement of your manufacturing industry. Our ERP solution will come with a number of advantages to manufacturing industry. These are including planning, developing, sales forecasting and supply chain management. Our developers have designed this ERP solution for manufacturing in India. to integrate and providing 360 degree of entire operation process. In this way, the manufacturers will reduce the chance of errors and they will get smart assistance to take better decisions.


Advantages of ERP solutions for manufacturing in India


✔ Elevates customer satisfaction ✔ Instant assistance to plan orders ✔ Easy deliveries ✔ Production line monitoring and control
✔ Data module integration ✔ Minimal waste of resource ✔ Enhanced profit ✔ Reducing expenses
✔ Perfect decisions ✔ Perfect utilization of the available resources ✔ Market centric product ✔ Specific manufacturing
✔ Enhanced productivity ✔ Effective material tracking ✔ Payroll management ✔ Preparing and publishing internal report

At Veenapro, we design and integrate ERP solutions for manufacturing in India in such a way that perfectly matches to your manufacturing process along with assembling department. We also do focus to monitor storage and along with production line which is playing a major role in this entire process. Depending on the size of your business, you can choose our top ERP solutions for manufacturing in India.


Hence, it would be a smart move to choose Veenapro as your manufacturing ERP solution provider for perfectly integration irrespective for any kind of industry. Our ERP software supports each and every product based industry including Steel manufacturing, Automobile manufacturing, iron manufacturing, cable manufacturing, food manufacturing, textile manufacturing, cloth manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, alloy manufacturing, spice manufacturing, masala manufacturing, cement manufacturing, Agarbatti manufacturing, cosmetics manufacturing, cotton manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, shoes manufacturing, ice-cream manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, medicine manufacturing, tyre manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, diary product manufacturing, pesticide manufacturing, fertilizer manufacturing, agriculture manufacturing, engineering project based industry, medical device manufacturing and many more. SMEs will get a perfect ERP solution from us.

VeenaPro manufacturing ERP features